Get Caught Being Kind™


​Unicorn Celebrates Autism Awareness Month
​City Council Member Robert Weinroth and our Vice-President and Author of this book, Melissa Burkhardt, read “Exceptionally Good Friends: Building Relationships with Autism” to a classroom today at Crosspointe Elementary School in Boynton Beach.

This is a story told from the perspective of a child welcoming a new student with autism to her class and then the story is repeated from the perspective of the child with autism responding to the changes in his routine as he enters this new class.

Unicorn Children’s Foundation is collaborating with the School District and City Council Members to create awareness, acceptance, and kindness for #AutismAwarenessMonth!

InCALUSAion Day with Dominique Rivera

Unicorn Children's Foundation Ambassador 2017 Royal International Miss Teen Dominique Rivera spread the word of inclusion and kindness to the students of Calusa Elementary School in honor of InCALUSAion Day!!! After she shared her story, she handed out #GetCaughtBeingKind bracelets and hugs.