Get Caught Being Kind™

Imagine if, just because you were different,

                             your peers called you names…

                                                excluded you from activities…

                                                                             or physically hurt you…

Nearly 85% of children with special needs are victims of bullying by their peers.

The Creating Compassionate Children© toolkit helps break down stereotypes and stigmas that may result in isolation and bullying

The Creating Compassionate Children© Toolkit is a character development curriculum designed for preschool and elementary age classrooms. It was created to help teachers and students talk about how each of us has different abilities and how one can be a supportive friend no matter what kind of help another child needs in an effort to develop a cohort of compassionate and supportive peers. The toolkits come in a pre-assembled box where you will find everything you need to create a kinder classroom.

Each toolkit contains:
  • Teacher's Guide to using the Creating Compassionate Children© Curriculum (1)
  • Get Caught Being Kind Cards (25)
  • Get Caught Being Kind Poster (1)
  • Brain Break Cards© (1 set)
  • Sensory/fidget toys (2 per set)
  • Promise ribbon (10 yards)
  • Exceptionally Good Friends: Building Relationships with Autism (winner of 2013 Mom's Choice Awards and the 2015 Autism Society's Temple Grandin Literary Work of the Year)